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Keith McReady, Tom Cruise, Jay Helfert and The Color of Money

Keith McReady, Tom Cruise, Jay Helfert and The Color of Money

"It's like a nightmare, isn't it?" The story of Keith McReady in The Color of Money By now everybody knows that legendary pool hustler Keith McCready was immortalized in Martin Scorsese’s movie The Color of Money, where he played the part of Grady Seasons, who was...

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American Shane Van Boening wins World Pool Championship

American Shane Van Boening wins World Pool Championship

Shane Van Boening finally became the champion of the world after beating Albin Ouschan in the World Pool Championship final at the Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes on Sunday. From 6-6, Van Boening ran home with an expert performance to deliver his first-ever world title leaving Ouschan with very few opportunities at the table as he wrapped up an emotional 13-6 win.

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Hustler & the Champ on Kindle

R.A. Dyer's critically acclaimed biography of Willie Mosconi and Minnesota Fats available in hardback or Kindle.

Expanded edition of Hustler Days

Biography of Lassiter, Fats and Jersey Red, released originally in 2003, now updated with expanded content.

Pool History in Billiards Digest

R.A. Dyer writes about a startling new Minnesota Fats discovery in the November edition of Billiards Digest.

Dyer featured in documentary

R.A. Dyer appears in Swimming with Sharks documentary, included in the 50th anniversary edition of The Hustler.

Janscos Inducted into Hall of Fame

Pool promoters George and Paulie Jansco receive posthumous induction. Read R.A. Dyer's story.