Pool History Resources


Billiard Congress of America: Pool History


History of Brunswick Billiards


One Pocket History at Onepocket.org


Pool History from Robert Byrne


New York Historical Society: Pool History


Artistic Pool History


Billiards After the Civil War


Slate: Pool Balls and The Age of Plastic

More Books on Pool History

New Illustrated Encyclopedia of Pool, by Mike Shamos

This is the essential reference work for anyone interested in pool and its history.

McGoorty: A Poolroom Hustler, by Robert Bryne

This is the true story of Golden Age billiards hustler Danny McGoorty.

Cornbread Red: Pool’s Greatest Money Player, by Bob Henning

This is the story of Cornbread Red, a hell-raising player from the 1960s.

Byrne’s Wonderful World of Pool & Billiards, by Robert Byrne

This includes plenty of historical details about the sport.

Winning One-Pocket, As Taught by the Game’s Greatest Players, by Eddie Robin

Besides including great diagrams of fantastic one-pocket shots, this book includes a collection of historical and priceless anecdotes about some of the games greatest players.

Hustlers, Beats & Others, by Ned Polsky

Hustlers, Beats and Others is Ned Polsky’s fascinating examination of the underground life of pool hustlers, and how hustlers fit (or don’t) into larger society. The book discusses how pool players see themselves, the milieu in which they operate, and the connection between poolroom life and single men.

Billiards, by John Grisssim

An interesting read with plenty of colorful anecdotes about the history of American pocket billiards.

Willie’s Game, by Stanley Cohen:

This is Willie Mosconi’s memoirs, and an invaluable source of information about the straight pool legend.

Byrne’s Book of Great Pool Stories, edited by Robert Byrne

Not technically a book on pool history, this tome nonetheless includes some of the most noteworthy short stories ever written about the sport.

Billiards in the Twentieth Century, by Riso Levi

Originally published in the late 1800s, this is an anthology of articles on Billiards by masters of the game.

Billiard Encyclopedia: An Illustrated History of the Sport, by Victor Stein and Paul Rubino

First Born

The Autobiography of Cisero K. Murphy, son of the billiards champ.