Guest Essay: Observations of a Pool Room Junkie

Guest Essay: Observations of a Pool Room Junkie

Novelist Harmon Rangell shares memories of some of New York’s most famous poolrooms. By Harmon Rangell Harmon Rangell The first pool room I walked into was in Queens Village, New York, across from the LIRR railroad station on Springfield Boulevard just south of Jamaica Avenue. It was up a long flight of stairs and I think the reason I went there in the first place was because I heard they...

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Hustler & the Champ on Kindle

R.A. Dyer's critically acclaimed biography of Willie Mosconi and Minnesota Fats available in hardback or Kindle.

Expanded edition of Hustler Days

Biography of Lassiter, Fats and Jersey Red, released originally in 2003, now updated with expanded content.

Pool History in Billiards Digest

R.A. Dyer writes about a startling new Minnesota Fats discovery in the November edition of Billiards Digest.

Dyer featured in documentary

R.A. Dyer appears in Swimming with Sharks documentary, included in the 50th anniversary edition of The Hustler.

Janscos Inducted into Hall of Fame

Pool promoters George and Paulie Jansco receive posthumous induction. Read R.A. Dyer's story.