The Billiard Congress of America has recognized John Schmidt’s new straight pool record of 626. Just below is the sanctioning body’s Aug. 15, 2019 press release that makes the record official. The previous record of 526 was set by Willie Mosconi in 1954.

Willie Mosconi’s record of 526 stood for 65 years.

SUPERIOR, COLO., August, 15, 2019 – The Billiard Congress of America would like to formally congratulate John Schmidt on his 14.1 exhibition high run of 626 balls, breaking Willie Mosconi’s 65-year-old record of 526 balls.

On March 19, 1954 William J. Mosconi, playing in the East High Billiard Club in Springfield, Ohio, ran 526 balls in an exhibition match against Earl “Jake” Bruney. Mosconi’s run lasted approximately 4.5 hours and was played on an oversized 4’ x 8’ Brunswick Exposition Table.

On May 27, 2019 John Schmidt, playing in the Easy Street Billiards Pool Hall in Monterey, California, ran 626 balls. Schmidt’s run, recorded on video, lasted just over 4 hours and was played on a 4.5’ x 9’ Rebco Pocket Billiard Table on Simonis 760 cloth with 5” corner pocket openings, and 5.5” side pocket openings. Schmidt used Super Aramith Pro Belgian billiard balls, a Sardo rack, a Predator P3 Red Butt along with a Predator Revo 12.4 mm carbon composite shaft that weighed 19.5 oz and had a length of 58”

Mosconi’s record took place during a 14.1 exhibition match. Having defeated his opponent, Mosconi kept shooting until he reached 526. Schmidt’s record took place during an intentional attempt to break Mosconi’s record. After viewing the unedited video, the Billiard Congress of America is proud to acknowledge John Schmidt’s 626 run as the new 14.1 exhibition high run record.

Read the original PDF version of the press release here.

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